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Monument Keeping an eye on SCOTUS

By January 23, 2023 No Comments

KEEPING AN EYE ON SCOTUS: The Supreme Court will take up cases on several hot-button social issues this year, and though some of the most contentious cases on the docket may have little direct impact on some companies or business groups, K Street is advising clients not to be caught flat-footed or act hastily when rulings on issues from affirmative action to immigration and redistricting are handed down.

— “Companies have to consider whether a Court decision is crucial to your brand identity to speak out, and whether it raises to the level where your employees will expect a public response,” Monument Advocacy wrote in a memo to clients today shared exclusively with PI.

— “When the decision overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked last year, companies were thrust into the middle of a contentious social debate and had to make quick decisions on how to respond,” Monument’s Katie Grant Drew told PI.

— The memo, which comes around the 50th anniversary of Roe, aims to serve as a guide “that will help our clients think proactively about the major cases before the Supreme Court this term, consider whether engagement makes sense based on a clear set of metrics for their company, and evaluate different levels of engagement based on their company’s goals.”