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McConnell ultimatum endangers China competition bill

Monument CEO and Founder C. Stewart Verdery Jr. was quoted in The Hill on the latest involving the bipartisan legislation to boost U.S. competitiveness with China.


“I think people’s outlook was a little bit too rosy earlier in the year, knowing that there’s no action-forcing event like a statutory deadline to make people come to the table,” said Stewart Verdery, CEO of Monument Advocacy and a former Senate GOP aide.
“There’s this constant tug of war between Schumer and McConnell on every issue, and this has somewhat gotten caught in the crossfire.”
“House Democrats would have to give up on some of the add-ons that they put into their process, and they’ve been reluctant to do that publicly just yet,” said Monument’s Verdery. “But I can see that happening in September, or a lame-duck session when both sides are at the 5-yard line.”
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