Monument Policy Group Team


Monument is a bipartisan advocacy firm focused on providing its clients with the best strategic advice on how to engage effectively in today’s challenging and crowded public policy environment. Our unique model combines issue expertise, political wisdom and an understanding of how the national and global environment affect a client’s objectives.



Our experience has been earned in the era of the Internet and social media, political division and brinksmanship, and globalization and diversity. You will not find Monument’s team waxing nostalgically about our role in Watergate or the Cold War. Both in and out of government, we have been at the center of the defining political moments of the modern age.


Monument Advocacy (Monument) was founded by Stewart Verdery in 2006. When the firm expanded in 2007, the partners agreed to operate Monument with a business model that does not utilize the typical models of client allocations or billable hours. Instead Monument promises and delivers a team approach that utilizes creativity, relationships, and substantive expertise of all our senior executives for clients. That “one Monument” approach has been our hallmark for clients, whether a Fortune 100 giant, a start-up, or a Washington trade association, as we provided cutting edge and bipartisan strategic advice and specialized public policy advocacy.

Now approaching our thirteenth year anniversary, Monument has expanded our capabilities throughout the years. We opened an office in Seattle in 2008 to better serve a fantastic group of clients in that vibrant city and began an annual Policy Forum in Seattle in 2013. In 2014, we moved into new office space in Washington, D.C. to allow for more collaboration and to host higher quality political and policy events. We have expanded our issue expertise by hiring new team members with unparalleled reputations in energy and agriculture, adding to our existing capabilities in security, trade, tax, technology and health care. And in 2015, Monument officially launched a new communications capability to provide clients with more tools to shape opinions for our clients looking for strategies beyond core lobbying activity. In addition to our expanded service offering the firm opened an office in San Francisco in 2018 to better serve our growing west coast practice.

Monument has been recognized by The Washington Post, Politico, The Hill, and Bloomberg as one of Washington’s premiere firms for achieving public policy results.

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