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The Monument Team would not be complete if it was not for our awesome Fellows Program. Former fellows have gone on to work for the Administration, think tanks, Members of Congress, law firms, and more. Our fellows serve an important role as contributors to our work here in the government relations, communications, and public affairs space.



What got you interested in politics?

My parents, I suppose. Discussion on politics and religion was always encouraged at dinner. There was no such thing as a viewpoint not worth considering.

What is your favorite Monument in Washington, DC?

The Al Einstein memorial by Robert Berks on Constitution Ave. I think it’s great we celebrate his contributions to societal progression despite him being this kooky, kind of nonconforming guy.

If you could check one thing off your bucket list what would it be?

There’s a Japanese shipwreck from WWI in the Truk Lagoon I’d really like to dive. I’ve been diving since I was 20 and after getting my Dive Master certification and working as a scuba diving instructor in Utila, Honduras, I’ve been shaping all my trips abroad around dive sites. The sunken tanks and human remains in the Truk Lagoon off the coast of New Guinea is the crown jewel.

If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Dick Cheney. My family moved back to the States from Cairo, Egypt a few months before September 11th, so my first exposure to American politics and coming of age was during the Bush/Cheney administration. To me, for better or worse, Cheney is the epitome of cloaked power. He’s not often interviewed and the idea being face-to-face with someone whose decisions dented the universe is wild.

What does true leadership mean to you?

Acting in the interest of the greater time whole with integrity.